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Since The Sims 4 comes out TONIGHT I have already (some may have noticed? Idk) Queued up, over time, an extra week of stuff! I will come on at times, see if I have a message or anything. 

Mostly though for the next week i’ll be engrossed in learning The Sims 4 and tumblr is all queued up! :D 

Like I said i’ll still be around though :). And when queue is back down i’ll be back in full force.

My Simblr is Here if anyone is interested.


Female Clouded Leopard, named Mandalay, at the WHF (Wildlife Heritage Foundation). 

(photo by Craig Davey)

I had emailed the WHF in hopes of any information as to why her tail is so oddly colored compared to the rest of her body, their response was that they “don’t know what causes it but she has had this colour for years”. Not really sure what is causing this, but if anyone has an idea or knows the reason for this, please let me know. 

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